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North Beach is my favorite area of Miami Beach. This is the neighborhood I choose to call home. North Beach has an oceanfront walking path now spanning from 51st street to 79th street. Great for running, walking, bicycling or skateboarding. From there you can visit North Shore Park beginning at 79th street all the way up to 88th street. The park has many BBQ areas, workout equipment and has a new Dog Park that recently opened for our canine friends. North Beach has all of the convenience that South Beach has to offer without all of the hustle and bustle. You can walk to the Post Office, Publix, Banks, Restaurants and Bars and yet still have that small town neighborhood vibe.  North Beach Real Estate has the potential to substantially appreciate in the near future!

North Beach Real Estate Guide

I have a bit of a biased opinion on this neighborhood.  It is my favorite Miami Beach neighborhood and it is the one I have chosen to call home for more than 10 years!  North Beach can really give south beach a run for its money these days.  We have pretty much everything they do without the hoards of tourists and constant congestion.  

North Beach makes up the areas of Miami Beach spanning from 63rd st all the way up to 88th st, where Surfside begins.  When considering north beach realty, first you must decide which part of north beach you want to be in.  Pretty much everywhere in north beach will be walking distance to the ocean and the beach, but not necessarily to stores, shops, restaurants etc.

If you want to be close to these amenities, within a few blocks, then my suggestion would be narrow your north beach realty search between 65th st and 75th st, to be within 10 blocks of MOST of what north beach has to offer.

Within these 10 blocks is where you will find the majority of restaurants, bars, hotels, stores, and our neighborhood post office.

If you look north of 75th st between 75th and 88th st, this area is still considered north beach, but definitely not as walkable as the previously mentioned area.  This area is almost 100% residential, and while you can still walk to the beach, North Shore Open Space Park, and newly opened skate park, you may want to hop in the car or on public transit to get you to "town."

North Beach also just recently expanded the beach boardwalk path.  Now it spans from 79th st, all the way down to 53rd st at the moment.  Eventually, the path will go all the way down to south beach, and regardless of which Miami Beach neighborhood you choose to call home, you will be only a short bike ride to anywhere in Miami Beach!

Real Estate in North Beach

Right now as of November 19th, 2018 there are 620 active listings for sale in North Beach.  105 Houses and 515 condos.  That is a pretty large number, considering the small geographic area of north beach.  The average list price for these homes according the MLS data, is $1,280,249.  While that does sound very high, keep in mind, this is only an "average" that is calculated with all available listings, with the most expensive listing right now at $32,000,000!

But, don't feel too concerned, many of these available units are well within the average working person's price range.  One bedroom condos start as low at $130,000 and 2 bedrooms as low as $180,000.  Houses in North Beach start around the $400,000 price range and up.  Rentals in the area start around $1,100 per month for a 1 bedroom and about $1,400 for a 2 bedroom.  Obviously, depending on your family size and needs, you will need more space and of course more space will come at a higher price point.

Future Development

In November of 2018, voters in North Beach approved the minimum height variance increase for the 71st corridor.  Previously, plans were approved for redeveloping the area, and recently those plans have been modified to build even higher.  Some residents are thrilled and others not so much.  While new development in the area can and will lead to higher property values over time, it will also make it harder for existing residents to keep afloat.  Read here for more info on the matter.

North Beach Realty Trends

The current absorption rate for North Beach realty is at about 16 months.  It is said that 6 months of inventory or less is considered a sellers market and more than 6 months of inventory is considered a buyers market.  Clearly we are currently in a buyers market here in North Beach, with plenty of properties on the market to choose from.  This can be a great time buy, if you know what you are looking for and your budget.

North Beach Real Estate Questions

If you need help determining which part of North Beach is right for you, recommendations on the best buildings for the value, then you have come to the right place!  I know the neighborhood extremely well, being a resident here for almost 11 years now.  Feel free to send me a message below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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